Friday, September 10, 2010

Acer Founder Says Apple Products Are Mutant Viruses, PC Brands Will Find Cure

DigiTimes reports that Acer founder Stan Shih told reporters on September 8 that Apple's strong popularity is mainly due to products like the iPad and iPhone. He said these products are like mutant viruses, which are difficult to find a cure for in the short-term, but PC vendors will eventually find a way to isolate Apple and become immune.

Shih pointed out that Apple deserves to be respected, since it has a completely different strategy than other PC brands. Apple CEO Steve Jobs has always been looking for revolution, while other PC brands evolved naturally and are developing products in a more solid way, Shih commented. But based on the historical experience, a market that evolves naturally will always turn out to be much stronger, according to Shih.

*thanks iclarified*

In my opinion there is no cure for a virus like apple, once you got it you've got it for good!

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